POWERFLEX BMW Exhaust Mounting Bush & Bracket


Replacement for the OE BMW Exhaust rear mounts.


  • 1x Polyurethane Bush
  • 1x Anodised Aluminium Bracket 1 x Zinc Plated Mild Steel Washer

Installation Guide:

  • 2x M8 Flanged Nuts
  • 1x Stainless Steel Sleeve

Please read the complete fitting instructions and check package components before fitment. These fitting instructions are to be used as a guide and in conjunction with workshop manual.

It is recommended that:

  • all work to be carried out by a licensed technician;
  • all safety precautions adhered to;
  • wheel alignment to be checked and adjusted as required after any suspension work.
  • All fasteners must be tensioned to manufacturer’s torque settings.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Remove the original exhaust mount from the car.
  2. Push the stainless steel sleeve into the bore of the polyurethane part until it sits flush inside it.
  3. Fit the POWERFLEX exhaust mount to the car with the M8 flanged nuts in the same position as the old one. Make sure the step in the polyurethane sits facing the exhaust mount support.
  4. When refitting the exhaust mount support bolt, place the washer between the exhaust mount support and the step in the polyurethane, and tension all hardware to manufacturers recommended torque settings.