POWERFLEX Front Engine Mount Bushes – PORSCHE Boxster 987 (2005-2012)


POWERFLEX Road Series bushes improve your cars road holding and chassis performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. They offer prolonged tyre life, improved performance, increased safety, greater cost-effectiveness.

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Diagram reference: 20
Product notes: our polyurethane bushes are ideal replacements for worn or damaged parts. Engine mount bushes are particularly prone to cracking of the rubber because of a large amount of voiding in the material to allow for excessive movement. For an insert only please use PFR57-521. Hexagon profile allows for controlled engine movement and limits contact for reduced vibration.

Number of bushes in pack: 1
Replaces OEM bush part numbers: 9A137502322

For road and fast road use.

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