PSDesigns Titanium Locking Wheel Nuts (M12x1.5mm)


PSDesigns Titanium Locking Wheel Nuts (M12x1.5mm) Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium Ti6Al4V.

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PSDesigns Titanium Locking Wheel Nuts (M12x1.5mm) Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium Ti6Al4V.

Titanium alloys contain a mixture of titanium and other chemical elements. These alloys have very high tensile strength and toughness. They are light in weight (Each nut and stud only weights around 45g combined), have extraordinary corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes these the ultimate wheel hardware.

The high cost of both raw materials and processing usually limit their use to military applications, aircraft, spacecraft, medical devices, highly stressed components such as connecting rods on expensive sports cars and some premium sports equipment and consumer electronics. We have brought this material to the masses with our titanium wheel stud and nut conversions.

The nuts are for M12x1.5mm thread Studs, featuring a 17mm Hex key, 60deg taper seat and a matched locking key.

We also offer an adapter kit to convert from 60 deg taper to ball seat for some OEM wheel applications. (please check before ordering).

Price is for a set of 4 matching locking nuts and locking key.

PSDesigns Titanium Locking Wheel Nuts (M12x1.5mm) suit all our M12 stud conversions, as we utilise M12x1.5mm threads on all our M12 kits.

PSDesigns Titanium Locking Wheel Nuts (M12x1.5mm) will fit the following:

  • E82 BMW All Models
  • E30 BMW All Models
  • E36 BMW All Models
  • E46 BMW All Models
  • E90 BMW All Models
  • E92 BMW All Models
  • E93 BMW All Models
  • E12 BMW All Models
  • E28 BMW All Models
  • E34 BMW All Models
  • E39 BMW All Models
  • E60 BMW All Models
  • E24 BMW All Models
  • E63 BMW All Models
  • E23 BMW All Models
  • E32 BMW All Models
  • E38 BMW All Models
  • E31 BMW All Models
  • Z3 BMW All Models
  • Z4 BMW All Models

Additional applications apply including:

Additional applications apply, please contact us for details. Please confirm you application requirements before ordering, some OE wheels require radius seat washers, available separately.