Reinforcement plate kit for BMW E46 chassis repair

March 24, 2023

The BMW E46 has been plagued with an unfortunate weak point since the birth of it’s chassis. The rear axle carrier panel is highly susceptible to cracking and tearing due to varying design flaws. From continuous transition between on-off throttle, the panel begins to fatigue due to a pitching movement of the rear subframe.


The above images clearly show fatigue cracks 2 separate locations on the rear axle carrier panel.

This kit has been designed to fit perfectly, each hole lines up with a corresponding feature, as it is supposed to, be it spot weld locations, the contour of the panel, the shape of the floor or bolt hole/mounting features etc.

Each kit is checked before it leaves our workshop to ensure this is the case. If the “other kits” on the market have holes in different locations I would question why, the spot welds/features are in fixed locations on the car’s rear axle carrier panel so why are the holes located differently? Additionally there is a specific number of holes in our kit so as not to interfere with the structural integrity of the plate and how they dissipate loading forces across their surface area, we didn’t just design a kit, we engineered it (probably over engineered it) to be the best we could make it, it took 6mths to develop and correctly test. We invested a lot of time and money into them.

The PSDesigns BMW E46 3 Series Chassis Repair / Reinforcement Plate Kit has been designed to provide the best repair and reinforcement option available on the market, regardless of crack damage, age, mileage, service history or modifications made. The kit is universal to the entire E46 BMW 3 Series model range regardless of body type, transmission or engine size/type.

The kit consists of 8 individual plates, part numbered and tailored to specific locations on the E46’s chassis, along with a set of comprehensive fitting instructions.


As featured in Performance BMW Magazine Summer 2017 and regularly reviewed/displayed on internet forums, such as and

We offer full online support during the fitment of this kit. Please take advantage of our vast experience with fitting this product, if you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask. PSDesigns have redeveloped our original famous plate kit to offer an even better cost effective long term solution to the well-documented problem of floor cracking which the BMW E46 series suffers.

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