CSF Dual Pass Transmission Cooler (BMW E9X M3)


CSF’s ultra-high quality Dual-Pass Transmission Cooler for the BMW E90, E92 and E93 M3. Fits six-speed manual and seven-speed DCT models. A true must for all BMW E9X M3s for fast road, track or race use.


  • Made with CSF‘s AC condenser technology using a 1-row super-high pressure 22mm wide 11-channel microtube
  • Dual-pass high performance core with 11 cooling tubes vs OEM 10 tube design
  • High-density multi-louvered fin design with 20% more surface area contact compared to OEM unit
  • ‘Drop-in fit’ requiring no modifications to install
  • Accepts all attaching OEM components including oil-line connections, mounting brackets and shroud/ducting
  • Lab tested at ~30% more efficient than OEM cooler
  • World’s first true ‘plug and play’ transmission cooler for the E9X M3
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